• Live anchor event "TWENTY2X Kickstart" to be staged in June
  • Concentrated expertise provided online during "TWENTY2X PowerWeeks" in March and September
  • "TWENTY2Xvirtual" to offer regular online seminars at the end of each month
  • Hannover, Germany. The COVID-19 pandemic prevented the originally scheduled debut of TWENTY2X in March of 2020, but instead of merely postponing this new IT trade fair geared to SMEs, Deutsche Messe has developed an expanded, year-round program that will enable SMEs to learn about the latest IT solutions on an ongoing basis, and in a variety of formats. "Our TWENTY2X year-round program represents a first, featuring a series of events spread across the year and specially tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises as well as the public sector – in digital, hybrid and analog formats," explains Jutta Jakobi, Global Director of Digital Business at Deutsche Messe and the executive in charge of TWENTY2X. "We stand committed to making Hannover the beating heart of the widespread SME universe."

    The year-round event consists of three building blocks: the central, hybrid live event entitled "TWENTY2X Kickstart" in June in Hannover, the virtual TWENTY2X PowerWeeks, providing concentrated expertise over three days respectively in March and September, and the TWENTY2Xvirtual event, featuring online seminars at the end of each month.

    From 15 to 17 June 2021, TWENTY2X Kickstart will take place as a live, hybrid event in Hall 2 at the Hannover Exhibition Center. TWENTY2X Kickstart covers all the essential topics relevant to small and medium-sized enterprises as well as the public sector, featuring tailored offerings, orientation, inspiration and lively debate among fellow experts. The focus is on Business Management, Security Solutions, New Tech & Startups, New Work, Public Administration and Sourcing Services. In addition to the exhibition and product presentations, TWENTY2X Kickstart will offer an extensive program of presentations, including speaker forums, discussion rounds and best-practice sessions.

    Companies can choose to physically participate in TWENTY2X Kickstart (with an on-site stand), by hybrid means (digital + stand) or in a purely digital form. Deutsche Messe is offering a variety of stand construction packages to make it a reliable option for exhibitors to plan a physical appearance and to allow for bookings at short notice.

    TWENTY2X PowerWeek is a three-day online event featuring compact information on the latest issues in the digital economy. The focus is on presentations, best practices and discussions with thought leaders, users, vendors and startups. The first PowerWeek will be hosted from 16 to 18 March 2021, lasting approximately four hours a day. The March event will focus on Data Management, the Digital Workplace and the Public Sector. A second PowerWeek is planned for September of 2021.

    TWENTY2Xvirtuals, a series of online seminars on selected IT topics taking place on the last Tuesday and Wednesday of each month, was launched back in June of 2020. The seminars are organized by Deutsche Messe in cooperation with the main TWENTY2X partners, i.e. the German Association of Medium-Sized IT Service Providers and Software Vendors for the Public Sector DATABUND, the German Association of Medium-Sized IT Enterprises BITMi, the Internet Industry Association eco, the IT User Association VOICE and the Startup Association BVDS. TWENTY2Xvirtuals offer one to two seminars a day lasting approximately 90 minutes each. Participation is free of charge. The Tuesday events are explicitly aimed at public authorities as well as IT users at municipal institutions, while the Wednesday seminars are aimed at decision-makers and IT managers at small and medium-sized enterprises.

    N.B.: "One-off" seminar on 11 February: On Thursday, 11 February, from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., Deutsche Messe is hosting an information seminar detailing the TWENTY2X annual program. Participation is free of charge. Interested parties can register at https://www.twenty2x.de/de/sonderformate/twenty2xvirtual/ .