Got problems patching up your PC?

CAWUM could be the answer to your prayers! This incredibly practical tool is making its debut at TWENTY2X in Hannover. Aagon GmbH has developed CAWUM with the specific aim of giving IT professionals a whole new option - installing Windows updates in a controlled, targeted and effective manner.

Aagon GmbH has racked up more than a quarter-century's worth of experience in developing client management and automation solutions. Its team of experts helps companies in the automotive, aviation, logistics and electronics sectors, public authorities, hospitals and insurance firms to automate routine tasks and drive down IT costs. The company's star product is the ACMP software suite, which combines inventorization, license management, software distribution, OS deployment, vulnerability management, asset management and helpdesk modules to offer a comprehensive client management solution for all manner of challenges linked to using state-of-the-art company IT systems.

In late 2019, the client management and automation specialists from Aagon launched CAWUM (Complete Aagon Windows Update Management) - another extremely practical tool for the ACMP software suite. CAWUM aims to outright replace WSUS (Windows Update Services), promising to free users up from the restrictions imposed by WSUS processes and boasting handy functions for swift and effective update management. Unlike WSUS, for example, CAWUM only loads and installs updates that the individual clients actually need.

Day in, day out, CAWUM also scours Microsoft's online database for new updates and ensures necessary patches are installed automatically - a clear advantage over the monthly WSUS "Patch Tuesday" that fills IT administrators with dread. CAWUM can even reportedly determine which patches need to be synchronized, in which languages and on which file repositories. The tool allows users to define individual release rings to distribute Windows updates to individual test systems belonging to different subnetworks and thus safely investigate whether everything runs smoothly after the updates are installed. On show at TWENTY2X in Hannover, CAWUM is a self-contained module that can be used without ACMP Desktop Automation and that, when combined with ACMP Inventory, enables fully automated update management.
Aagon GmbH (59494 Soest, Germany), Hall 8, Stand C30
Contact: Alexander Stühl
Tel.: +49 2921 789-200

Bad news for collection agencies!

mesonic software gmbH is at TWENTY2X to showcase WinLine BELEG PRO - a new solution for the fast, automated entry and processing of incoming invoices.

Founded in Austria in 1978, mesonic is continuing its tradition of innovative presentations in Hannover at the CEBIT and HANNOVER MESSE trade fairs by joining forces with its regional retail partner S&S Software und Service GmbH to exhibit at the new SME platform TWENTY2X. Contributing to the show's Business Management exhibition topic, mesonic is looking to help shape the digital future of SMEs by telling visitors about mesonic WinLine and demonstrating how this end-to-end ERP/CRM solution helps users make their business more digitally competitive.

WinLine BELEG PRO, the software's new automated incoming invoice workflow solution, is being unveiled at TWENTY2X and marks a further step toward machine learning. The workflow is designed to enter and process incoming documents automatically and can be customized in line with specific in-house processes. Alongside this innovation, mesonic is also exhibiting ingenious collaboration tools for state-of-the-art corporate communication at TWENTY2X. By collecting all data at a single location and offering direct interaction options, these tools are intended to encourage cooperation between teams and staff.
mesonic software gmbH (27383 Scheessel, Germany), Hall 7, Stand B18
Contact: Claudia Harth
Tel.: +49 4263-9390-94

A model of success for process managers

PICTURE GmbH is bringing its new PICTURE modeling box to TWENTY2X, with 24 process modules that are designed to make life easier for public-sector staff taking their first steps in process management.

The product developers at PICTURE GmbH who are unveiling the new PICTURE modeling box promise its 24 process modules will make light work of modeling processes. The company was founded in 2007 as a spinoff of a research project at the University of Münster. Dr. Lars Algermissen and Dr. Thorsten Falk developed the PICTURE method with the aim of eliminating weak points in traditional approaches to process management. Inspired by existing process modeling, economic efficiency calculation and IT management concepts, supported by the former German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, and with funding from the European Commission's 6th Framework Programme (ICT), PICTURE quickly made the transition from promising startup to successful, well-established company.

The new PICTURE modeling box being presented by the team of Dr. Algermissen and Dr. Falk at TWENTY2X is designed to make starting out in process management easier than ever before. The box is intended for public-sector staff who are looking to document their processes. With its 24 process models, the new PICTURE modeling box is set to ensure such staff can model their processes in no time at all. A corresponding modeling poster with a detailed graphic providing a clear overview of all the process modules makes things easier in the initial stages. The box itself contains over 60 rewritable cards made of high-quality plastic. Split into five categories, they support analog process modeling - even offline - during initial brainstorming, at workshops and during training sessions.
PICTURE GmbH (48147 Münster, Germany), Hall 8, Stand A14
Contact: Katja Spenrath
Tel.: +49 251 1312379-42

Up close and personal with the digital transformation

IBM is at TWENTY2X to give visitors valuable, hands-on experience with its latest innovations, offering them the opportunity to try out state-of-the-art technologies on their own computers in free, one-hour workshops.

Artificial intelligence, business analytics, cloud computing, security, the Internet of Things and blockchain technology - IBM is concentrating on these strategic areas to assist companies of all sizes with digitalizing their business models. The company is attending TWENTY2x in Hannover and has its sights set on SMEs in particular, aiming to help them harness the potential of digitalization and make the most of the new opportunities it offers. By pursuing the key themes mentioned above, IBM is laying the groundwork for companies to develop ever-growing portfolios of solutions, enabling them to progressively evolve into providers of cognitive solutions and cloud platforms. Technology and innovation are at the very heart of IBM's strategy. This is reflected, for example, in the company's new offshoot - the IBM Watson Group - which aims to highlight just how important AI-based solutions are for businesses. For IBM, this marks the start of a new era of IT systems that can learn, reason and even interact with humans in natural-sounding language.

IBM is joining forces with Munich-based company Moovster, a spin-off from BMW AG, to showcase smart solutions at TWENTY2X that are set to completely redefine mobility for city dwellers, companies and their employees with the aim of solving traffic problems in urban areas. The two companies have developed a Mobility-as-a-Service platform – complete with its own app - that rewards users who adopt a sustainable approach to getting from A to B in the city with a bonus scheme offering exclusive benefits.

That's not the only thing IBM has to offer at TWENTY2X. It is also hosting free, hour-long workshops to give visitors a chance to gain hands-on experience with the innovations that are certain to shape the increasingly digital future of SMEs. Visitors eager to try out the latest technologies with their own computers can satisfy their curiosity by attending these workshops, which cover topics such as building a chatbot in 60 minutes, easy application development using NodeRed, natural language comprehension with Node.js, analyzing unstructured data with AI, VMware virtualization techniques and analyzing images with Node.js. If that sounds appealing, click the following link for additional workshop topics and instructions on how to sign up:
IBM Deutschland GmbH (71139 Ehningen, Germany), Hall 7, Stand E11
Contact: Dagmar Domke
Mobile: +49 170 480 82 28

Helping businesses help themselves

German startup oculavis is at TWENTY2X to showcase SHARE - a solution that digitally transforms maintenance and customer service across multiple sites. It does this by using mobile devices to network experts and technicians around the world.

"There's no place like home! Why travel the world for service?" This slogan neatly sums up the attitude at oculavis GmbH, which is committed to making life easier for hundreds of thousands of service technicians and engineers from manufacturing companies on a daily basis. The company – a spin-off from the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and RTWH Aachen University – has developed an exciting solution: oculavis SHARE. This cutting-edge technology digitally transforms cross-site processes in maintenance, customer service and quality management with the dual aim of dramatically cutting travel costs and significantly boosting productivity.

The principle behind oculavis SHARE lies in the global networking of experts and technicians via mobile devices such as smart glasses, tablets and smartphones. In particular, it is designed to open up digital business models for the mechanical engineering sector, which has a tendency to be conservative. oculavis firmly believes that the sale of a machine is only the start of problems for the end customer. In its view, unscheduled downtimes, repairs or maintenance for machinery and systems are hard to avoid, despite manufacturers' highest quality standards. This is where oculavis SHARE is set to come into its own, creating a win-win situation by reconciling the competing demands of fast servicing and maximum machine availability.
oculavis GmbH (52074 Aachen, Germany), Hall 7, Stand E26/3
Contact: Daniel Mirbach
Tel.: +49 241 89438843

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