Why should SMEs invest in digital technology?

Put positively: To benefit from today's leading trend and enhance their own competitiveness. Put negatively: To avoid getting left behind. The potential of digital technologies is inexhaustible, ranging from improved efficiency and productivity to new products and services as well as business models. Companies which successfully integrate digital technology into their business processes stand to gain a competitive edge.

How can ECM solutions support small and medium-sized enterprises in digitalizing their operations?

By digitalizing their operations reliably – in the original sense of the word, i.e. converting analog signals into digital ones. Because that is the compelling condition for opening up and using all the various advantages and options which are summed up under the term "digitalization". Take digital archiving, which allows for an unprecedented ability to handle documents, including searches within milliseconds, dedicated access rights, storage that is compliant with data protection regulations, etc. But what comes first? The enterprise content management, or ECM, solution. In our example: the production and workgroup scanner, which converts analog documents into digital ones.

Why are you participating in TWENTY2X?

On the one hand, to make the quality and performance of our document scanners for medium to high volumes directly tangible to potential customers. We are continually finding out that potential customers are aware of the performance data of our devices, but are still astonished during the live demo when these values are actually achieved and in some cases even exceeded.

We want to take advantage of this impact. On the other hand, we are expecting numerous visitors from the public sector, for whom we have a tailor-made solution with our SCAMAX 6x1. And last but not least, it is important to us as a German IT firm to have a digital trade fair of note in Germany, even after the end of Cebit. This is why InoTec is supporting TWENTY2X.

What are you expecting from this new digital trade fair in Hannover?

For it to establish itself as a key digital trade fair. To grow and offer companies like ours a platform for many years; an opportunity to make new contacts and directly engage with a professional, B2B audience.