Hannover, Germany. Last Tuesday he steered the "TWENTY2X DigiTaxi" through the streets of Hannover, with experts from the IT community on board. The well-known German comedian and actor chauffeured his handpicked guests through the highways and byways, introducing them to his hometown and quizzing them on the new IT trade fair for small and medium-sized enterprises. This was all filmed "carpool karaoke"-style, modeled after the cult YouTube format, and can soon be viewed on TWENTY2X's social media channels as well as on YouTube.

The passengers visibly enjoyed themselves, reveling in the opportunity for a relaxed, "pocher-esque" chat about their hobbyhorse, digitalization. A total of seven women and men rode with the actor through the capital of the German state of Lower Saxony and shared their views on the advantages and disadvantages of digitalization as well as their opinions on TWENTY2X. Exhibitor representatives, young entrepreneurs, consultants, association presidents, potential attendees and organizers of TWENTY2X were interviewed.

For Dr. Andreas Gruchow, Managing Board member at Deutsche Messe, the ride in the TWENTY2X DigiTaxi was a new, unusual experience: "I travel a lot, but I've never been interviewed in a taxi while being filmed. We're breaking new ground with TWENTY2X, so we also want to take advantage of fresh new formats for our communications. For me, the tour with Oliver Pocher represented a fine opportunity to talk about TWENTY2X and share ideas in a relaxed atmosphere."

Pocher himself also appeared to be having a good time: "I spend a lot of time in the car anyway, so why not play taxi driver? I had some really nice people on board, and finally learned what this whole digitalization thing is actually good for. If I can make it, I'd love to come to TWENTY2X in March – I just need to be home again at night."