Many companies are still young, such as contrimo. Established in 2010, this former start-up has since become something of a powerhouse, working with a long list of prestigious customers throughout Germany and abroad. contrimo offers, among other things, BMS - its software package for the digital logging, release and audit-safe archiving of business documents.

BMS is marketed under contrimo’s consoltura brand and has the ambitious aim of finally flattening the mountains of paperwork that plague the lives of business owners. From quotations sent out and orders received to delivery slips, invoices and payment receipts - BMS logs all the documents associated with a business transaction, allocates them to this transaction and saves them in an audit-safe system. This means that all the documents connected to a project are funneled into one central point and can be accessed transparently at any time. What's more, additional links between the software and bank accounts, for example, should mean that processes such as payments can be automated, too. The developers also claim that BMS from consoltura makes light work of reconciling information with a pre-existing ERP system.

contrimo GmbH (68165 Mannheim, Germany)