"There's no place like home! Why travel the world for service?" This slogan neatly sums up the attitude at oculavis GmbH, which is committed to making life easier for hundreds of thousands of service technicians and engineers from manufacturing companies on a daily basis. The company - a spin-off from the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and RTWH Aachen University - has developed an exciting solution: oculavis SHARE. This cutting-edge technology digitally transforms cross-site processes in maintenance, customer service and quality management with the dual aim of dramatically cutting travel costs and significantly boosting productivity.

The principle behind oculavis SHARE lies in the global networking of experts and technicians via mobile devices such as smart glasses, tablets and smartphones. In particular, it is designed to open up digital business models for the mechanical engineering sector, which has a tendency to be conservative. oculavis firmly believes that the sale of a machine is only the start of problems for the end customer. In its view, unscheduled downtimes, repairs or maintenance for machinery and systems are hard to avoid, despite manufacturers’ highest quality standards. This is where oculavis SHARE is set to come into its own, creating a win-win situation by reconciling the competing demands of fast servicing and maximum machine availability.

oculavis GmbH (52074 Aachen, Germany)
Website: https://oculavis.de/de/start/