Artificial intelligence, business analytics, cloud computing, security, the Internet of Things and blockchain technology - IBM is concentrating on these strategic areas to assist companies of all sizes with digitalizing their business models. The company is attending TWENTY2x in Hannover and has its sights set on SMEs in particular, aiming to help them harness the potential of digitalization and make the most of the new opportunities it offers. By pursuing the key themes mentioned above, IBM is laying the groundwork for companies to develop ever-growing portfolios of solutions, enabling them to progressively evolve into providers of cognitive solutions and cloud platforms. Technology and innovation are at the very heart of IBM’s strategy. This is reflected, for example, in the company’s new offshoot - the IBM Watson Group - which aims to highlight just how important AI-based solutions are for businesses. For IBM, this marks the start of a new era of IT systems that can learn, reason and even interact with humans in natural-sounding language.

IBM is joining forces with Munich-based company Moovster, a spin-off from BMW AG, to showcase smart solutions at TWENTY2X that are set to completely redefine mobility for city dwellers, companies and their employees with the aim of solving traffic problems in urban areas. The two companies have developed a Mobility-as-a-Service platform - complete with its own app -that rewards users who adopt a sustainable approach to getting from A to B in the city with a bonus scheme offering exclusive benefits.

That's not the only thing IBM has to offer at TWENTY2X. It is also hosting free, hour-long workshops to give visitors a chance to gain hands-on experience with the innovations that are certain to shape the increasingly digital future of SMEs. Visitors eager to try out the latest technologies with their own computers can satisfy their curiosity by attending these workshops, which cover topics such as building a chatbot in 60 minutes, easy application development using NodeRed, natural language comprehension with Node.js, analyzing unstructured data with AI, VMware virtualization techniques and analyzing images with Node.js. If that sounds appealing, click the following link for additional workshop topics and instructions on how to sign up: