The product developers at PICTURE GmbH who are unveiling the new PICTURE modeling box promise its 24 process modules will make light work of modeling processes. The company was founded in 2007 as a spinoff of a research project at the University of Münster. Dr. Lars Algermissen and Dr. Thorsten Falk developed the PICTURE method with the aim of eliminating weak points in traditional approaches to process management. Inspired by existing process modeling, economic efficiency calculation and IT management concepts, supported by the former German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, and with funding from the European Commission’s 6th Framework Programme (ICT), PICTURE quickly made the transition from promising startup to successful, well-established company.

The new PICTURE modeling box by the team of Dr. Algermissen and Dr. Falk is designed to make starting out in process management easier than ever before. The box is intended for public-sector staff who are looking to document their processes. With its 24 process models, the new PICTURE modeling box is set to ensure such staff can model their processes in no time at all. A corresponding modeling poster with a detailed graphic providing a clear overview of all the process modules makes things easier in the initial stages. The box itself contains over 60 rewritable cards made of high-quality plastic. Split into five categories, they support analog process modeling - even offline - during initial brainstorming, at workshops and during training sessions.

PICTURE GmbH (48147 Münster, Germany)