Aagon GmbH has racked up more than a quarter-century's worth of experience in developing client management and automation solutions. Its team of experts helps companies in the automotive, aviation, logistics and electronics sectors, public authorities, hospitals and insurance firms to automate routine tasks and drive down IT costs. The company’s star product is the ACMP software suite, which combines inventorization, license management, software distribution, OS deployment, vulnerability management, asset management and helpdesk modules to offer a comprehensive client management solution for all manner of challenges linked to using state-of-the-art company IT systems.

In late 2019, the client management and automation specialists from Aagon launched CAWUM (Complete Aagon Windows Update Management) - another extremely practical tool for the ACMP software suite. CAWUM aims to outright replace WSUS (Windows Update Services), promising to free users up from the restrictions imposed by WSUS processes and boasting handy functions for swift and effective update management. Unlike WSUS, for example, CAWUM only loads and installs updates that the individual clients actually need.

Day in, day out, CAWUM also scours Microsoft's online database for new updates and ensures necessary patches are installed automatically - a clear advantage over the monthly WSUS "Patch Tuesday" that fills IT administrators with dread. CAWUM can even reportedly determine which patches need to be synchronized, in which languages and on which file repositories. The tool allows users to define individual release rings to distribute Windows updates to individual test systems belonging to different subnetworks and thus safely investigate whether everything runs smoothly after the updates are installed. CAWUM is a self-contained module that can be used without ACMP Desktop Automation and that, when combined with ACMP Inventory, enables fully automated update management.

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