The Hannover Region Health Authority has made a mandatory recommendation to follow and implement the advice of the Robert Koch Institute for major events. These include comprehensive measures to safeguard health when organising trade fairs.

These requirements are not feasible for a major event like TWENTY2X. In addition, their implementation would have the effect of impairing the smooth running of the events to such an extent that the purpose of the event intended by the planned organisation could not be achieved either for the exhibitors or for the visitors, or only with considerable restrictions.

The health of exhibitors, visitors, employees and the general public is a top priority for Deutsche Messe AG. Deutsche Messe has therefore decided to postpone TWENTY2X until 23 to 25 June 2020. Press release

Security precautions

Deutsche Messe AG is in constant contact with the relevant health authorities. Whether, and if so, which security precautions are necessary for the trade show in June, will be decided at the appropriate time together with the health authorities. At present, we are assuming that it will be possible to hold the trade fair in July without any restrictions.