1. TWENTY2X has its fingers on the pulse of the latest advances and approaches.

The digital transformation is happening. Right now, small and medium enterprises are setting the course for their future. The key questions: What direction will they take, and how fast will they go? What they need is smart technologies and market-ready solutions. Solutions that will help them modernize their business models, develop innovative products and services, streamline their organizational structures, make their processes agile and leverage modern forms of collaboration.

2. TWENTY2X is where the experts are.

To be successful, digital transformation requires visionary decision-makers and experts who are well versed in business processes and IT. This is true of both user companies and the external providers they work with. But which IT provider is the right one for you? Who “speaks your language”? Who understands your business and the technological environment it operates in? Sure, anything can be googled. But the better option is to go to where the experts are, meet them face-to-face and talk shop about the specific issues relevant to you.

3. TWENTY2X is perfectly focused.

Three days, two halls and three stages with a singular focus on digitalization solutions devised by SMEs for SMEs, especially in the German-speaking "DACH" region. Whatever your interest, you are sure to find what you’re looking for: Whether you are wanting to get an overview of all the latest trends and technologies, concrete solutions to concrete problems or dialogue with like-minded people, you can do all that and much more at TWENTY2X – quickly and efficiently.

4. TWENTY2X offers concentrated know-how.

Six display categories bundle the collective expertise of the leading providers of digital solutions for SMEs: The "Business Management" area is all about data and analytics, ERP and CRM, cloud, infrastructure and connectivity. The "New Tech & Startups" area brings together the fields of research, innovation and new technologies. Most importantly, it brings together startups and SMEs. The "New Work" area illustrates how workplaces, collaboration and platforms can reach their full potential with the right communication systems and content. The "Public Administration" area bundles solutions for e-government, municipal IT infrastructure, document management/e-filing and e-procurement, and provides an update on the rollout of the Law for the Improvement of Online Access to Administration Services (OZG). The "Security Solutions" area features data protection and data security systems as well as information on a range of related issues, from statutory requirements to threat management. The "Sourcing Services" area is where retailers, distributors and systems providers showcase a variety of managed services, from SaaS to IaaS.

5. TWENTY2X is effective.

Forget lofty marketing jargon and flowery presentations. The exhibitors and experts at TWENTY2X are not there to dazzle visitors with sales pitches, but rather to hear about the real-world challenges they are facing and help them to find effective ways of dealing with them. Together, in best-practice workshops. Or in the course of "IT battles", during which different providers will go head to head. The winner of these battles: TWENTY2X visitors, who will have gained a robust basis for deciding the overall direction of their companies’ digital transformation as well as the next steps to take.