TWENTY2X 2020, 17 - 19 March
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The digital transformation is in full swing and presenting SMEs with ever more new challenges. Whether in regard to data management, cybersecurity or system integration: TWENTY2X answers all your questions about the digital future of your business.

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In order to ensure long-term business success in the rapidly changing world of work, small and medium-sized companies in particular need to change the way they think. This makes it necessary to scrutinise and further develop traditional methods of data analytics and business management.

Trends such as artificial intelligence and big data can help you make your day-to-day business even more efficient. TWENTY2X shows you how these and other technologies can already be applied in business solutions today – and how your company benefits from them.


  • Business-Software: CRM, ERP
  • Data Management & Analytics, AI, BI
  • Cloud Computing
  • API Services & Management
  • Data Center, Server & Storage
  • Connectivity, 5G


As digitalisation progresses, the issue of security is also gaining in importance. The increasing use of new technologies is presenting companies with new challenges in all areas: How can cyber attacks be fended off? And what is the best way to protect both internal company data and sensitive customer data?

TWENTY2X provides you with information about how technologies and devices can be interlinked in a practical and contemporary manner and equips your business for the digital future.


  • IT-Security
  • GDPR & Legal Frameworks
  • Blockchain
  • Threat Management


In the NEW TECH area, the focus is less on visions for the distant future and more on prompt implementation of the latest technologies and developments. SMEs and founders of startups can exchange ideas with tech decision-makers and futurologists about specific solutions and application examples.

For example, you can find out how 5G is being rolled out or how AR and VR are being applied in the financial sector.


  • Research & Innovation
  • AI
  • AR/VR
  • scale11 Startup Area
  • Business Speed-Datings


The world of work has changed significantly in recent years. Gone are the days when every employee needed a rigid workstation. Instead, the demand for home office work, job sharing and flexible working time models is growing.

How should small and medium-sized enterprises respond to this upheaval? In the NEW WORK area, you can find specific business solutions for the business processes of today and tomorrow.


  • ECM
  • Communications
  • Collaboration & Platforms
  • Conferencing & Meetings
  • Workplace Systems & Management


The Sourcing Services display sector features the products, solutions and services of ICT dealers, distributors and system providers.

From manufacturer-independent consulting on ICT equipment to the implementation of IT solutions and the design and integration of a new IT architecture, plus a wide array of other services – this is the place where small and medium-sized enterprises can find new ideas and stimuli for how to optimize their business processes and solutions for transitioning to a digital future.


  • System Integration
  • Managed Services
  • Software-as-a-Service
  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service


TWENTY2X provides a new platform for dialogue on public sector digitization: in municipalities, cities and states as well as at the federal level. Here decision-makers and experts from administration, politics, the digital industry, associations and research will have an opportunity to expand their network and share information on the relevant topics.

Here you’ll meet not just the key players and inspiring enterprises – you’ll also discover services and applications for agile, performance-oriented administration.


  • E-Government
  • Municipal IT Infrastructure
  • Law on Improved Online Access to Govt Services (OZG)
  • Document Management/?E-Filing Systems
  • E-Procurement and E-Invoicing

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